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Introduction to HarmonyCloud

Founded in 2016, HarmonyCloud is an industry-leading provider of cloud-native software products and solutions. HarmonyCloud helps enterprises across all industries accelerate digital transformation with cloud native technologies and best practices.
HarmonyCloud takes the enterprise-grade container cloud platform as the core, and combines DevOps, microservices, middleware, cloud monitoring, cloud-side collaboration and other technology products to cover the whole life cycle of cloud-native application development, operation and maintenance, delivery and operation.

HarmonyCloud has realized the application of cloud native technology in different industries and the construction of business models, serving the head enterprises in many industries such as communications, finance, energy, chemical industry, logistics, etc., and setting up benchmarks and landing application models.

Team Introduction

The core team of HarmonyCloud comes from the School of Computer Science of Zhejiang University, with many years of experience in cloud computing research . The company now has many industry technology experts and high-precision talents, and several universities to carry out long-term cooperation between industry, academia and research. With our profound technical strength and rich practical experience, we are an excellent partner in the cloud native track.

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