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Financial Industry Solutions

Integrating IaaS, PaaS,microservices, DevOps and distributed core middleware, combined with the advantages of scenarios of cooperation with head financial customers, it provides Internet end-sensitive business support for the financial industry, as well as a strong guarantee for the security, disaster recovery and supervision brought about by business openness and hybrid architecture.

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Financial Industry Solution Architecture Diagram
Program Advantages
谐云 Financial-grade multi-live disaster recovery architecture
谐云 Senseless second-level fault isolation mechanism
谐云 Observable capability of business operation on the cloud
谐云 Runtime security of containers on the cloud
谐云 DevOps R&D Performance Improvement
Products Involved
HarmonyCloud Container Platform
Support customers to smoothly complete containerization migration transformation and large-scale production.
DevOps Products
Enabling R&D teams to manage more efficiently and collaborate more agilely to support enterprise digital transformation
Surveillance products on the cloud
China's first cloud monitoring product based on linux kernel technology
Container Safety Products
Secure business operations in container environments
Application Scenarios
Unified multi-cloud Management
Cloud Business Monitoring
DevOps Development, Operation and Maintenance Integration

Harmonycloud provides adaptive cluster planning, resource scheduling policies,

mixing deploy short and long tasks, and elastic expansion policies according to customer specific big data platform construction needs.

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