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Application Integration Center

An application middleware project for traditional enterprises relying on Cloud-Native technologies.

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HC-Application Integration Center

Integration Central Platform deposits public services into the Central Platform in a unified and abstract manner, eliminates functional silos and reduces duplication of construction, realizes full convergence and control of resources, and builds an open center of enterprise ecological capabilities by reshaping the application form and promoting the modeling of data resources, the componentization of resource models, and the integration of components and capabilities. 

Solve Pain Points
  • 01Scenario and fragmentation characteristics
  • 02Rapid response and not easily overturned once built
Product Advantages
谐云 Support for Cloud-Native
Users can personalize the assembly of applications, breaking the application boundaries and reshaping the application form.
谐云 Integrated Multiplexing
Support reuse of business capabilities, reuse of data capabilities, rapid sharing, improve data utilization efficiency.
谐云 High Component Reliability
Supported by a new highly available solution, tested over many years.
谐云 Linear Expansion
Supports linear expansion according to traffic flow, fully supporting enterprise users to expand on-demand.
Product Features
Unified Management

Integrate container platform, microservice governance, DevOps, middleware multiple scenarios resources for unified management.

Dynamic Programming

Global dynamic rights management orchestration, fully compatible with SpringCloud, Dubbo services.

Unified Operation And Maintenance (O&M)

Unified O&M management for public services, and reduced business system requirements for public service technology capabilities.

Dynamic Assembly

Dynamically assembling applications through service and component stores, breaking application boundaries and reshaping the application form.

Unified Construction

Users, rights, messages, logs, components, integration and other public services unified construction, reducing the application development cycle.

Application Scenario
User Rights Management
Unified user life management and privilege configuration for each business system.
Standard Component Management.
Build a standard business formation development review process, rapid integration and assembly of the page.
Application Integration Management
Rapid user personalized assembly platform that breaks down application boundaries and reshapes application forms.
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