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Industry case

At present, it has landed in many large domestic 500 enterprises, and has mature solutions in finance, communications, industry, energy and other industries.

To provide millions of developers with the world's leading cloud computing service platform.

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Deppon Logistics
Harmony Cloud helps them improve the technical capabilities required for servitization, and establish unified planning and standard specifications, clarify system boundaries, realize service sharing, and combine with development models and development processes to improve development efficiency and product quality.
User Pain Points

Centrality, inability to isolate resources

Inability to meet the rapidly changing demands of business volume

Inability to perceive connections between different applications

Difficult and costly to maintain, coupled with functional codes


Gradually decouple functional code, supported by container technology
Kubernetes makes elastic support for application services
Application performance monitoring to discover slow methods, slow SQL in applications

User Benefits

Automatic application scaling/business application microservicing

Decentralization to reduce application interactions

China COSCO Shipping
Harmony Cloud helps them to quickly locate the problem and solve it, protecting the customer's business experience.
User Pain Points

Lack of means of fault retrospection, making it difficult to discover the overall operational status of the failed system

Lack of efficient means of fault localization Lack of single-user-specific means of fault localization


Correlation analysis and accurate, fast location of problem nodes in the form of full link topology maps

The "user request tracking" approach tracks all the nodes experienced by a user for a single request and gives the delay distribution.

User Benefits

Difficulties in monitoring and managing multiple business systems were resolved

Shorten the time to deal with problems by analyzing and locating faults in all directions

Quickly handle poor user experience and reduce pressure on operations and maintenance staff

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