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Industry case

At present, it has landed in many large domestic 500 enterprises, and has mature solutions in finance, communications, industry, energy and other industries.

To provide millions of developers with the world's leading cloud computing service platform.

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Harmonic Cloud’s “SkyView” provides Sinopec's Southwest Branch with a powerful underlying PaaS platform to strengthen its support and service capabilities for actual production, helping it to enhance its overall application architecture and improve the efficiency and stability of development, operation and maintenance, and delivery.
User Pain Points

Platform systems are old and resources are underutilized

Difficulty in testing, deploying, and managing upgrades

Multiple vendors and non-harmonized development specifications


Improvement of DevOps system construction, container cloud platform and containerization transformation
Application architecture enhancement with enhancement rate higher than 200%
Unified code specification and microservice development specification

User Benefits

Application Architecture Enhancement Consulting, Efficient CI/CD and DevOps Services
Improve resource utilization and efficiency of existing architecture

State Grid
Harmony Cloud helps State Grid Liaoning Power accurately and quickly locate the node where the problem is located, solving the problem of difficult fault location and coordination of many departments in the actual work, improving the efficiency of fault handling, and winning a better customer experience for Liaodian Power.
User Pain Points

Low frequency of manual inspection, late fault detection

Slow processing of issue feedback, user request tracking and resolution experience poor system complexity

Low efficiency, poor user experience, high pressure on operation and maintenance personnel


Harmonized monitoring and comprehensive coverage of assessment indicators

Deeply customized development of indicator collection

Customize proprietary features to give detailed information about transactions that take longer than a specified time to execute

User Benefits

Professional full-link monitoring, multi-dimensional indicator collection, single user experience tracking

Combination of 'soft' and 'hard', comprehensive monitoring, accurate positioning of the system's hardware and software problems

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