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Quickly master cloud-native technologies to drive enterprise digital transformation

HC-PaaS Container Cloud Platform

The platform connects the underlying IT hardware facilities and the upper layer business applications to provide platform support for business-oriented agile development and efficient O&M for enterprises (organizations).

2021-05-21 16:13:51 397
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HC-EdgeStack Edge Computing Platforms

HarmonyCloud EdgeStack® intelligent edge computing platform, which can support millions of edge nodes and device access.

2021-05-21 16:21:42 397
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HC-EdgeBox Edge Computing Product

HarmonyCloud EdgeBox is a software and hardware integration product that sinks the capabilities of the cloud to the edge , solving the problems at the edge.

2022-07-07 09:40:58 397
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HC-DSP Middleware Platform

A set of fully automated operation and maintenance of middleware management and provisioning platform. It is dedicated to helping customers solve the whole process of transformation.

2021-05-21 16:35:11 397
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