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Why choose HarmonyCloud

HarmonyCloud has strong technical research and development strength, has been deeply involved in the underlying technology of cloud computing for more than 10 years, and is the fourth in the world and the first in the country in terms of code  contribution to the Kubernetes community team. HarmonyCloud has a large number of CKA-certified K8s expert instructors, and the instructor team has many years of professional training experience, and has provided training for the IT operation and maintenance departments of many leading enterprises in various industries, such as China Mobile Online Services(10086), China Telecom, Sinopec, CCB Finance and Insurance, Bank of Zhengzhou, China Minsheng Bank, and so on.

Our Services
Container Service
Large-scale K8s Cloud Native Maturity Measurement Service to quantitatively assess enterprise cloud native maturity profiles and provide recommendations for improvement and optimization
Optimization and Enhancement Recommendations and Services
Measurement of cloud-native maturity model for large-scale K8s services
K8s 2nd Line Remote Support Services
HC-PaaS Container Cloud Platform Product Customization Delivery Service
Customized Development Services
HC-PaaS Container Cloud Platform middleware services, providing highly available containerized middleware cluster products, with best practice visualization interface
Middleware containerization customization services
Cloud Native Technology Training

The program is designed to help enterprises train cloud-native technical professionals and upgrade their operations departments.
During the training, participants will have the opportunity to learn about containers, Kubernetes, IT system monitoring, IT business monitoring, DevOps and microservices and other cloud-native related knowledge.
At the end of the training, participants who successfully pass the test will receive a training certification issued by HarmonyCloud
Officially certified with the skills and competencies required for cloud-native technical expertise

Container Cloud Training

Customized Training Courses for Enterprise

DevOps Training

Provide Agile training based on DevOps

maturity model

Enterprise CKA, CKAD certification training

CKA Training Materials
CKAD Training Materials

HarmonyCloud provides customized training solutions for companies.
Training Client Feedback
The K8s, Cloud Native System and Container parts of this training were the most helpful to me, and giving me a more comprehensive understanding of cloud platforms, microservices, containers and K8s- The Cloud Institute.
- -The Cloud Institute
This training has sorted out the general situation of the current market monitoring, and some shortcomings. Let me understand the current application monitoring code white box as well as monitoring the application of the advantages of fine-grained monitoring, and hope that after the financial sector in the application of monitoring cases as well as monitoring the deployment of in-depth exchanges.
--Hongta Securities
"The cloud ecology of this training and the development trend of the operation and maintenance macro system of this part of the content is very helpful to me, the training course objectives are clear and the content is practical."
--Zhejiang Unicom
"The training was focused and thorough. It helped me a lot in terms of integration monitoring and the fundamentals of container management, and I hope to have follow-up exchanges and cooperation."
--Shanghai Agricultural and Commercial Bank Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
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