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Industry case

At present, it has landed in many large domestic 500 enterprises, and has mature solutions in finance, communications, industry, energy and other industries.

To provide millions of developers with the world's leading cloud computing service platform.

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China Mobile online services(10086)
Harmony Cloud HC-PaaS container cloud platform and HC-EdgeStack edge computing platform provide a powerful underlying technology platform for China Mobile online servicesCMO Online, supporting its thousands of machines and thousands of scale nodes, and providing better service and better experience for hundreds of millions of users. This case won the "2020 China Top 10 Outstanding Cloud Native Cases" & "2020 Top 10 Cloud Native Industry Landing Models" by ICT, and also won the "2020 Distributed Cloud and Cloud Edge Collaboration Top 10 Practice Cases" and "Edge Collaboration Model". This case won the "2020 China's Top 10 Excellent Cases of Cloud Native" & "2020 Top 10 Cloud Native Industry Landing Models" from CATCTICT Institute, and also won the "2020 Top 10 Practical Cases of Distributed Cloud and Cloud Edge Collaboration", "Top 20 Edge Computing Power", and "Top 20 Cloud Native Technology Platforms". Computing Power Top20".
User Pain Points

Transformation of traditional call centers to new forms of call centers

Low resource utilization and numerous application sub-modules of the core system

Low service elasticity and scalability and over-sized deployment of business systems


Deep integration of IaaS and PaaS

Multi-Center Cross-Room Dispatch

Call Center Containerized Continuous Delivery

Automatic capacity expansion and contraction based on traffic peaks

Edge fault isolation, cloud-side O&M channels, node-level offline autonomy, etc.

User Benefits

Off-site dual-activation deployment architecture to support all kinds of unexpected business scenarios, application operation and maintenance efficiency increased by more than 35%, ensuring that the business continuity of the 10086 customer service system reaches "99.999%".

Involving more than 350 business systems, more than 1,800 applications and 7,500 services, the world's largest customer service system end-to-end cloud biochemistry was realized within one year.

Reduced system infrastructure resource overhead by about 60%, improved application operation and maintenance efficiency by more than 35%, utilized 1,000+ servers, saved server hardware investment of nearly 100 million yuan, and significantly improved the development, operation and maintenance efficiency of the business system, which helped China Mobile's 10086 customer service continue to maintain the industry's leading level.

WASU Media
Harmony Cloud HC-PaaS container cloud platform provides flexible and stable lightweight PaaS platform for WASU Media, builds CI/CD pipeline, completes automatic release of applications on line, ensures the consistency of the environment, and responds to the load situation with automatic expansion and contraction of the platform, helping it to innovate and change, and to realize business transformation.
User Pain Points

Cloth architecture leads to high application release workload

Difficulties in operation and maintenance management due to multiple data (provincial) centers

Difficulty in coping with sudden flow peaks

Difficult to release on-line, the overall scale is not easy to operate and maintain


Build a cross-cluster CI/CD pipeline to automate application release and go-live;

Ensure environment consistency through container mirroring, configuration synchronization

According to the business load, the platform automatically expands and shrinks the capacity to cope with traffic peaks.

User Benefits

Automate cross-cluster development, testing, and go-live processes

Unified management of off-site multi-data centers reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance and human error of off-site multi-centering.

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