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Energy Industry Solutions

Cloud-Native energy industry digital architecture system . The middle office is made thicker to enhance the sharing support capability, the front office is made thinner to accelerate the business scenario and innovation capability, and the technology platform is made solid to reduce costs, realize the agile delivery capability, and guarantee the high stability of the business.

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Solution Architecture
Solve Pain Points
  • 01
    Highly Iteration Cost
  • 02
    Highly Iteration Cost
  • 03
    Low Efficiency
  • 04
    Poor Reliability
  • 05
    Repeated development
  • 06
    Strong relational dependence
Program Advantages
谐云 Container cloud platform
A capable platform for full convergence and control of enterprise information resources and high availability of application systems.
谐云 APM platform
A monitoring and operation and maintenance platform for intelligent sensing of enterprise information resource status, full-stack traceability of anomalies along the whole link, and timely warning.
谐云 DevOps platform
Enterprise R & D process control, multi-team online collaboration project R & D management platform
谐云 Integration middleware componentization
Business component sharing and reuse, reducing development costs and improving development efficiency
Products Involved
HarmonyCloud Container Platform
Support customers to smoothly complete containerization migration, transformation and large-scale production.
HC-APM application Performance Monitoring
The most capable expert platform in the field of application performance fault localization in China.
DevOps Products
Empower R&D teams to manage more efficiently, collaborate more agilely, and support enterprise digital transformation.
Application Scenarios
Efficient Business Delivery
Rapid application integration
Unified management of public services
Low-cost innovation
Short cycle development
Visual editing

Harmonycloud provides adaptive cluster planning, resource scheduling policies,

mixing deploy short and long tasks, and elastic expansion policies according to customer specific big data platform construction needs.

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