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Industry case

At present, it has landed in many large domestic 500 enterprises, and has mature solutions in finance, communications, industry, energy and other industries.

To provide millions of developers with the world's leading cloud computing service platform.

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Pudong Development Bank
Harmony Cloud gradually covers container cloud clusters by adopting an incremental approach, starting from the scale of 10W+pods and 3,000+ hosts, and ultimately reaching the full coverage of container clusters in all data centers and different network scenarios, to achieve the enhancement of the digital management capability of applications on the cloud.
User pain points

Faults between microservices and microservices in complex distributed architectures are difficult to quickly delimit.

Lack of limited tools to support the delimitation of operational Faults, etc.

Weaknesses in the management of digitized reports in manual form

Lack of a unified view of container cluster resource utilization


Business portrait topology

Non-Invasive Dynamic Probe

Expanded network performance metrics

Visual resource management

User Benefits

Automate CI/CD and standardise management processes

Reduce costs and increase efficiency, saving huge expenses

Rapid and agile business on-line, to ensure the high availability of all aspects of the user's IT operation

Jianxin Property and Casualty Insurance
Harmony Cloud's HC-DevOps and HC-PaaS container platforms help its digital transformation, support its standardized application delivery, improve resource utilization, and help the R&D team build the ability to efficiently, reliably, and quickly deliver high-quality, valuable, and secure software and services to help its business land on large-scale application scenarios.
User Pain Points

Wide variation in operating environments / decentralized monitoring across applications

Inaccurate granularity of requirements splitting

Duplication of work, resulting in wasted labor costs


APM Unified Application Monitor

Container technology supports standardized application delivery

DevOps Optimizes Development Test Ops Processes

User Benefits

Automatic expansion and contraction of services and continuous upgrading of services

Scale standardization, rapid improvement of resource utilization, large-scale application scenarios to the ground

Session-level full-link application monitoring, secure and stable enterprise-grade container cloud platforms

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