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Communication Industry Solutions

Operators are still the largest industry customers of HarmonyCloud in terms of O&M volume and cluster scale. The hundreds of millions of visits in a single day and the scale of a single cluster with over 1,000 physical machines show that HarmonyCloud has a lot of production experience and considerable operation level in the telecom operator industry.

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Communications Industry Solution Architecture
Solve Pain Points
  • 01
    High Availability
  • 02
    Network Structure
  • 03
    Monitoring Requirements
  • 04
    Service Port
  • 05
    Development Language
Program Advantages
谐云 Floating point IP
Through ingress + custom probes, realize VIP switching ability in multiple scenarios such as pod exceptions and process exceptions.
谐云 Multi-network Card Solution
Dual CNI solution (Calico+Macvian) is used to realize dual network card access and differentiate between internal and external network access traffic.
谐云 Monitoring and Packet Capture
Start the monitoring agent container through daemonset to capture TCP and UDP network packets.
谐云 Multi-Port listening
Enhance the nginx customization window of the ingress component to provide the ability to configure multiple service ports.
谐云 Multi-language Compatibility
Optimized CI pipeline, support for a variety of development languages to build the environment, support for war packages, jar packages and other image building methods, and support for scripting the construction of the image.
Products Involved
HarmonyCloud Container Platform
Support customers to smoothly complete containerization migration transformation and large-scale production.
Microservices Governance
Complete Service Governance for Istio-based Mesh Solutions
Cloud Native Middleware Platform
A middleware management and provisioning platform for fully automated operations and maintenance based on the Kubernetes system.
Application Scenarios
Large-scale High-performance Middleware Cloud
Cloud-Network Collaboration
The Operator Dual-center Disaster Recovery

Harmonycloud provides adaptive cluster planning, resource scheduling policies,

mixing deploy short and long tasks, and elastic expansion policies according to customer specific big data platform construction needs.

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