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HC-DevOps Platform

A one-stop software R&D management platform with end-to-end coverage, breaking through the tool chain silos and collaboration barriers in the R&D process, covering the entire software development lifecycle.

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DevOps Platform

It solidifies the process of development and operation integration framework system in the form of a platform, and opens up the whole life cycle management of products from requirement , configuration , individual construction, version construction, system testing, online release and product operation, realizing the visualization of the whole process of products, the standardization of evaluation indexes, and the sustainability of product operation.  

Solve Pain Points
  • 01Lack of Unified R&D Assistance Platform
  • 02Many Tools with Low Integration
  • 03Code Management Confusion
  • 04Product Iteration Release Cycle is too Long
  • 05Difficulty in Quantifying R&D Contribution
  • 06Project Experience can not be Precipitated
Product Advantages
谐云 Comprehensive Functionality
One-stop software R&D management platform with end-to-end coverage,and opens up the tool chain silos and collaboration barriers in the R&D process.
谐云 Optimal Implementation Support
Product design is based on the industry's Agile project management and DevOps methodologies.
谐云 Technological Lead
Hundreds of R&D team, independent research and development, integrated container cloud platform.
谐云 Safety Compliance
Supports high availability deployment of intranet, comprehensive and effective data security protection, backup mechanism.
谐云 Customized Implementation
Provide complete private deployment solution and high quality delivery, open API and support customized development.
谐云 On-the-ground Counseling
We can provide R&D and operation integration DevOps transformation consulting services according to the needs of enterprises.
谐云 Professional after-sales Service
Dedicated service team 7×24 hours uninterrupted after-sales technical support.
Application Scenario
Version Delivery
During the construction of the bank's new core project cluster, and there was an urgent need to ensure that all system releases were delivered stably and quickly.
Publishing Capabilities
Enterprises introducing microservices technology architecture in the process of digital transformation need to rapidly improve the automated release of applications.
Agile Transformation
Cooperate with R&D team's agile transformation to improve quality building, requirement entry management, iteration management, etc.
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