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Industry case

At present, it has landed in many large domestic 500 enterprises, and has mature solutions in finance, communications, industry, energy and other industries.

To provide millions of developers with the world's leading cloud computing service platform.

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Wanhua Chemical Group
Harmony Cloud HC-PaaS container cloud platform and HC-APM application performance monitoring platform help Wanhua respond to the market quickly and sublimate its information system from the dimensions of R&D delivery, platform transformation and business innovation.
User Pain Points

Low resource utilization and difficult application delivery

High platform maintenance costs and decentralized monitoring are not easy to manage


Unified delivery approach, one-click deployment at scale

Building a Unified Container Platform

Solving multi-environment, multi-component dependencies

User Benefits

Unified Operations and Maintenance Management and Monitoring System

Dynamic and flexible redeployment of resources based on needs

Orchestration of mixed sections to achieve different types of deployments

Quick deployment of upgrades and flexible resource expansion

Harmony Cloud HC-APM application performance monitoring platform solves the problems of non-uniformity of multiple sets of monitoring data and excessive indicators for Hikvision, improves operation and maintenance efficiency, and helps its business to be highly stable.
User Pain Points

Excessive metrics and application-wide microservicing

Low overall operation and maintenance efficiency

Overwhelming number of overall O&M monitors


Batch monitoring, core to edge for unified application performance monitoring

Solve the problem of non-uniformity of multiple sets of monitoring data and too many indicators

User Benefits

Quickly locate the problem, analyze the root cause and solve the problem

High degree of stability, complete full-link monitoring

Non-intrusive deployment and installation

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